Mobile Crane Inspector Certification (USA) Online

Mobile Crane Inspector Course covers all types of mobile cranes, Components, What to look for, Inspection types, Safe operation, understanding load charts, working near power lines, practice quizzes. Pass final exam & get certificate. Includes free Rigger/Signal Person certification.

Types Included: Carry Deck, Boom Trucks, RT Cranes AT Cranes, Crawler Lattice boom, Carrier Lattice

4 Month access.

.USA OSHA Compliance Course - Other countries please use our international link.

Must get an 80% to pass. You get 2 attempts on final exam 50 questions. Take all course sections prior to testing.

*****Course works best on Edge or Google Chrome browser.

***This course must be run using a strong internet connection. It has many interactions and tests that require strong connectivety.

*****Crane inspections are a serious endeavor. Lives can be at stake. We strongly recommend at least 3 years past experience as either a crane operator or crane mechanic before undertaking crane inspections. Course is comprehensive and can take considerable time to learn and fully understand material.

Inspector certification 4 months access $199.00