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Crane Operator & Inspector Training

Cranes must be inspected daily, monthly and periodically and sometimes more often. Is the person inspecting your crane qualified? That question could be the most important one you ever ask! BE SURE, BE SAFE Get EDUCATED. We can help. Comes in two versions: OSHA (USA) or International. Scroll down to see all Mobile & Overhead courses.

1. Overhead Crane Operator & all Inspection courses issue a 2 year certificate upon successful completion of final exam.

2. Mobile Crane Operators MUST pass an accredited test by Nov. 2018. These written tests are no cake walk. Many fail on the first attempt. The online courses & DVD Kits we sell give you the time and convenience that a 3-5 day class often fail to do. Whether you are an individual or a group our systems give you the edge you need. These classes below will help you pass.

Free rigger class & certificate for mobile classes.

Guarantee Success With Our Courses